Tom and Elli Zurowski

Global Response Network

South Sudan


Since 1999 GRN has served as a voice to awaken, inspire, and motivate the Church. It is a worldwide outreach of compassion that aids God’s people as they take up their cross to follow Jesus. Tom is instrumental in sharing the plight of the persecuted church around the world. He has worked closely with organizations like Voice of the Martyrs, with efforts in difficult countries like Pakistan and China. GRN has also spent many years working in South Sudan. The Nugent School in Loka was refurbished and reopened under many years of GRN leadership and investment with government approval and assistance. Currently GRN is focused on reestablishing the village of Koggi, South Sudan. “Rebel” forces in the region have left more than 1,500 people homeless. As a result, an internally displaced people (IDP) camp was set up in Koggi. GRN is helping provide clean water and other basic physical and spiritual necessities. Tom has made over 60 trips to South Sudan.

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