Our goal is to help every believer develop a strong foundation in their faith.

To that end we have partnered with which provides a wide range of online Bible courses.

We encourage you to begin with the Foundation Level courses that are listed on this page. If you would like to go further, also offers Leadership Level and Institute Level courses.

Ideally we would like to see everyone who is working through the Foundation Level courses to have a mentor that you can discuss material with. This will further enrich your experience. If you don't know someone in the church who could help you in that way please contact a leader or the church office and we will arrange that for you.

You also will have access to an online study group which will allow you to ask questions and make comments.

We hope that you enjoy this resource and use it to help you in your spiritual growth.

If you are just getting started we strongly encourage you to begin with the course called Life is a Journey below.